AMS Lab - Corn Oil DemulsifierBenefits of Using AMS Corn Oil Separation Aids

  • Lower your demulsifier feed rate
  • Lower your demulsifier cost
  • Increase corn oil yield
  • Reduce solids for a cleaner, higher-quality oil
  • Increase profits
  • Effective across a range of operating conditions

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AMulSion™ Corn Oil Aids/Demulsifiers

AMS produces an array of corn oil separation aids and can customize products to improve results within your unique set of operating conditions.

Highlighted Products

AMulSion COD-206
AMulSion COD-8324

  • Highly-active formulations
  • Workhorse demulsifiers effective across a broad range of operating conditions

AMulSion COD-711H
AMulSion COD-745

  • Unique chemistry with hydrophobic silica
  • Delivers results where others fall short

Patent Technologies

  • U.S. Patent No. 10,745,283
  • U.S. Patent No. 10,954,130

Antifoams for Ethanol Production

Wet Corn Milling

  • AE-10-FGK – 10% silicone antifoam emulsion designed to give maximum efficiency under a wide variety of conditions
  • TRANS-1553 – Silicone-free defoamer for mill separations and steep house process water
  • TRANS-433 – 100% active, surfactant-based antifoam, silicone-free
  • TRANS-393 W – Surfactant-based antifoam that delivers superior value due to its high level of persistence in the system, silicone-free

Yeast Propagation

  • TRANS-10A – 10% active, food-grade silicone antifoam, formaldehyde-free
  • TRANS-205 RM – 100% active surfactant-based antifoam, silicone-free

Fermentation (wet mill)

  • TRANS-10A – 10% active, food-grade silicone antifoam, formaldehyde-free
  • TRANS-276 – 100% active defoamer containing a blend of proprietary surfactants and silicone
  • TRANS-396 – 100% active, surfactant-based defoamer, silicone-free


  • TRANS-1564 – Silicone-free, food-grade defoamer specifically designed for controlling foam in high-temp applications, including distillation columns


  • TRANS-2450 – Concentrated, water-based defoamer for CIP systems, alkali-stable and silicone-free
  • TRANS-396 – 100% active, surfactant-based defoamer, silicone-free
  • TRANS-274 – 100% active, non-silicone defoamer

Wastewater Treatment

  • TRANS-2910B – Water-based defoamer, economical and effective

Why You Should Purchase from AMS

  • “Pay if It Works” testing program available during trial period
  • On-site testing support available
  • Lab analyses of syrup
  • Vertically integrated manufacturer of key demulsifier components, including hydrophobic silica
  • Midwest manufacturing locations—in proximity to a majority of producers
  • AMS also offers antifoams, defoamers, and CIP additives