Die casting is an important industrial process used to manufacture high-precision metal parts. It involves injecting molten non-ferrous metal alloys into a die or mold. After some time, the molten alloy solidifies into a casting, which is removed. The mold is then reused for the next casting.

Die Lubricants

Our DIEMAXX line of die lubricants are available in standard concentration and as super concentrates These products are formulated from extremely shear and bio-stable emulsions. They will not separate in their neat (undiluted) condition. Benefits are consistent dilution ratios, excellent wetting, easy release with high heat removal capabilities, and great solder protection. Castings made with our DIE-MAXX products have a clean, bright surface finish. Casting machine, spray nozzles, die inner/outer cavity areas, and parting line stay build-up-free.

DIE-MAXX 996 – Aluminum die lubricant for proportioning in the 60:1 to 100:1 range. Provides excellent release and heat removal, Great washability for secondary finishing operations, extremely versatile for centralized-use shops with a wide tonnage range. Makes clean, bright castings and leaves a clean parting line, spray nozzles and inner/outer die cavities

DIE-MAXX 998 – similar chemistry as DIE-MAXX 996 but at a significantly higher concentration. Recommended for high tonnage, and high heat conditions. This product will provide increased die protection for heavy solder-prone areas on the die. It also offers significant savings in transportation due to higher dilution ratios.

Die Lubricants Features/Benefits

Our die lubricants offer a variety of benefits:

  • The unique formulation offers an excellent release of castings and lubrication of ejector pins and sliding cores
  • A balanced mix of ingredients produces stain-free, bright castings with an appealing, paintable finish
  • Prevents buildup on parting lines, spray heads, machine platens, and colder outer-cavity areas of the die
  • Excellent die protection, higher dilution ratios, and lower on-line cost

Plunger Lubricants

PLUNGER-MAXX liquid plunger lubricants are available in a heavy-bodied (high viscosity) oil or, in a lower viscosity, fully bio-degradable version for excellent plunger tip and sleeve lubrication on beryllium-copper plunger tips. Both have high flash points and produce minimal smoke and gas generation which helps to minimize gas porosity.

PLUNGER-MAXX 100V – A medium-bodied, 100% Biodegradable oil. provides great lubricity, high flash point, and low gas generation, and applies well in spray and behind-the-tip-during-shot-retract applications.

PLUNGER-MAXX 101B – Heavy-bodied, tacky product for drip applications directly on the plunger tip. Very versatile over a wide range of plunger tip diameters.

Plunger Lubricants Features/Benefits

Plunger lubricants from AMS offer a range of advantages:

  • As highly refined, petroleum-based oils, they wet and spread quickly for maximum coverage
  • Appropriate viscosity offers excellent protection against wear and tear
  • Produce minimal smoke and gas, hence reducing porosity generation
  • Special additive package synergizes with DIE-MAXX die lubricants, enhancing casting release
  • High-Quality Die Casting Lubricants and Plunger Lubricants From AMS

Die casting is an important process that helps create metal parts for critical applications. At Applied Material Solutions, we supply plunger and die-casting lubricants, which help minimize friction and enhance the longevity of dies and molds. We also provide colloidal silica, defoamer and antifoam products, silicone emulsions, hydrophobic treated silica, and toll manufacturing.

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