AMS Products for Fuel Ethanol Production

Approximately 90% of domestic US ethanol is produced through the dry milling process. The extraction of corn oil as a co-product of ethanol production is a key component of the financial success of most dry mill operations.

Meanwhile, for wet mill operations, foam can negatively affect operations during the separation of the grain, and can hinder fermentation and distillation. As such, foam must be controlled by the inclusion of antifoam and defoamer additives.

Applied Material Solutions (AMS) offers chemical solutions for the fuel ethanol industry for the separation of corn oil and the control of foam. Our line of AMulSion™ brand corn oil demulsifiers is at the forefront of industry technology and can be custom-tailored to the specific plant. And our “TRANS” brand of antifoam and defoamer additives has been trusted for over 40 years.

AMS also provides a selection of mobile/portable trial pumps and dedicated material pumps. Our pumps are typically used for the accurate and reliable introduction of demulsifier into the syrup stream, but are also suitable for the introduction of antifoam into wet mill processes.

Corn Oil Demulsifiers

Our line of AMulSion™ Corn Oil Demulsifiers enhances corn oil separation during the centrifugation step, thereby maximizing the recovery of corn oil.

What’s our goal?

We aim to reduce your chemical costs while maintaining or increasing your oil yield.

Our syrup additives often deliver some or all of the following benefits:

  • Lower demulsifier feed rates
  • Increased corn oil yield
  • Cleaner oil with less inclusions
  • Higher profits through increased oil yield and/or reduced chemical costs
  • Compatibility with various operating conditions
  • Fast and reliable delivery

Antifoam Solutions

A smaller—but still significant—percentage of ethanol is produced via the wet mill process, wherein grain is steeped into a slurry and then ground and separated into various components, such as protein and starch. The protein is typically turned into animal feed, while the starch is fermented into ethanol. Antifoams and defoamers are critical to the fermentation process.

For wet mill operations, AMS antifoams feature a range of benefits:

  • Industry proven chemistries that aren’t harmful to yeast cell viability
  • Consistently manufactured product…get the same results, every time
  • Reduction of chemical costs through better foam control
  • Consistent and reliable on-time delivery, including bulk shipments
  • AMS also offers food-grade and kosher certified antifoams for those companies with this requirement

Additional Services and Accreditations

In addition to the manufacture and supply of chemical additives and process aids, Applied Material Solutions also performs a range of related ancillary services, including:

  • Field support for the implementation of corn oil demulsifier and antifoam programs
  • Site-specific custom formulations
  • Collaborative development ventures
  • Analytical services

We adhere to and maintain the following certifications:

  • GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) compliant via ISO FSSC 22000
  • HACCP programs
  • Kosher and Halal products available
  • Organic-certified products available

AMS Supports Renewable Fuels

From our two manufacturing sites in southeastern Wisconsin, Applied Material Solutions creates a broad range of products that streamline chemical processes and save our customers time and money. AMS is a member of the Renewable Fuel Association, and we are dedicated to offering safe products that support agriculture and the efficient production of renewable fuels and their co-products.

Contact our team today to take advantage of our solutions for your mill today.

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