Industrial-Grade Defoamers

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Defoamers are chemical agents that knock down and reduce foam produced during industrial processes, including applications as varied as detergent manufacture and in effluent systems. Defoamers are inert chemical fluids that are fully or partially insoluble in the foaming medium and designed to be non-reactive. They are added to reduce or disperse existing foam in […]

Hydrophobic Silica – Free Flow & More

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Hydrophobic silicas comprise a unique group of materials that feature many types of advantageous properties and attributes. Their features make them suitable for a wide range of applications, including sealants, greases, adhesives, processing aids, and personal care products, among many others. This material functions as a kind of anti-caking substance to eliminate, reduce, or mitigate […]

Colloidal Silica vs. Fumed Silica

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Applied Material Solutions offers a variety of industrial chemical products. In addition to colloidal silica, we provide a selection of antifoams and defoamers, hydrophobic treated silica, and toll manufacturing services. You’ll find our headquarters in Elkhorn, WI, while Burlington, WI, and Rockton, IL, are home to our manufacturing plants. Here you’ll learn the differences between […]

Private Label Capabilities

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When you’re looking to add a new product offering under your brand, there are several logistical considerations to make on how to bring it to market. You must assess your company’s ability to handle research and product development, procurement, manufacturing, packaging, and more. Does your business have the expertise, manpower, and specialized equipment resources to […]

Benefits of Silicone Antifoams

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What is a Silicone Antifoam? A silicone antifoam is typically made of hydrophobized silica finely dispersed within silicone fluid. This compound is often stabilized in the form of a water-based emulsion. Silicone antifoams are effective at foam control because of their strength at low concentrations, their chemical inertness, and their ability to rapidly spread over […]

Foam Control in Fermentation

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Managing conditions that cause air entrainment or foam formation is vital to agribusinesses and food processors. Air entrainment and foam formation can be caused by impurities, cell lysis, gas formation, chemical reactions, agitation or mixing, and high pressure; this can harm the product by creating high levels of organic compounds, proteins, and starches, which generate […]

Non-Silicone Defoamers

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Foam is a common challenge in many industries, from chemical processing to food and beverage and more. Foam can hinder production processes, decrease product quality, and increase the risk of equipment damage. To address these issues, non-silicone defoamers are often used to eliminate or control foam. What is a Defoamer? Defoamers are a type of […]

Water Treatment: General Resources

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Water treatment is an essential but often complicated process. Water must be able to move smoothly through the filtration system to ensure productivity and reduce downtime and costly repairs. Pure water will run smoothly, but water that contains dirt, surfactants, metabolic waste, organisms, and other impurities will foam when air or another gas is introduced. […]

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Understanding the Chemistry of Antifoams and Defoamers

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Both antifoams and defoamers are used for foam control. Given their similarities in function, they often have similar chemistries. The main difference between them is the timing of application. In order to prevent it, antifoams are designed to be applied before the formation of foam, while defoamers are designed to be applied after foam formation […]

AMS Silicone Emulsions

An Introduction to Silicone Emulsions

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What Are Silicone Emulsions? Silicone emulsions are non-toxic and heat-stable compounds that are produced by dispersing silicone oil in a liquid, typically water. This process is accomplished with the introduction of a surfactant. The resulting products exhibit a number of physical characteristics that make them highly beneficial for certain applications. For example, they can be […]