Corn oil plays a central role in maintaining the profitability of today’s fuel ethanol facilities. Corn oil demulsifiers serve to improve oil release during the mechanical extraction process, resulting in significantly increased corn oil yields. Those improved yields translate to higher profits.

Corn oil demulsifiers also cut down on solids present in corn oil and create cleaner, higher-quality oil. Decreased levels of system deposition also translate to less downtime spent maintaining or cleaning said systems.

How They Work

Corn Oil Demulsifier

Corn oil demulsifiers aim to break the emulsion between the water and oil components of the corn oil. When demulsifying agents are dosed, they begin to interfere with the stability of the emulsion. This causes oil droplets to shift around and join together into larger droplets. These larger droplets of corn oil are much easier to separate and capture through the centrifugation process.

Extraction aids like corn oil demulsifiers can also improve the release of corn oil during centrifugation. Their benefits extend beyond the initial dosing period, as well. Demulsifiers modify surface chemistry within the syrup and allow oil to be released more easily, which means that it takes less centrifugal energy to separate the oil from the surface. The result of this process is increased corn oil production and notably cleaner corn oil.

Benefits of Demulsifiers

Corn oil demulsifiers confer a wide array of advantages and AMS’s additives normally result in the following improvements:

  • Decreased demulsifier feed rates
  • Reduced demulsifier costs
  • Higher corn oil yields
  • Superior corn oil quality
  • Reduced presence of solids in produced oil
  • Improved profit margins
  • Effectiveness in a broad range of operating conditions

Applied Material Solutions

At Applied Material Solutions, we produce an array of corn oil separation aids and demulsifiers. We also regularly customize our products to align with the individual needs of each plant’s conditions. Our customizable product line includes:

  • AMulSion COD-A
  • AMulSion COD-G
  • AMulSion COD-J

For more information about our selection of corn oil demulsifiers or capabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today to learn how AMS can help improve your corn oil production.

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