An engineer controlling a quality of water ,aerated activated sludge tank at a waste water treatment plant. pollution

Industry Spotlight: Water Treatment

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Water treatment requires both defoamers and antifoams to prevent foaming and air entrapment that commonly occurs in these applications. Without these additives, the treatment process may slow down significantly or cease entirely if water is unable to travel through filtration systems. Subsequently, without the right products to mitigate foam buildup, facilities could suffer from a […]

Corn Oil Separation Aids cover photo

Industry Spotlight: Wet & Dry Corn Milling for Fuel Ethanol Production

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Foam can cause problems in many industrial processes. That’s why industry professionals utilize antifoams and defoamers to mitigate foam production and accumulation. In the renewable fuel sector, these products are commonly utilized in ethanol production operations since one of the ways the product is created is the corn milling process, which is susceptible to foam-related […]

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Industry Spotlight: Fermentation

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Industrial fermentation can generate significant quantities of foam due to the generation of carbon dioxide as a byproduct. Many industries turn to antifoam and defoaming products to prevent or combat unwanted foam which may impede production.  At Applied Material Solutions (AMS), we manufacture safe and effective defoamers for fermentation, including food-grade and kosher products. Keep […]

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Key Considerations for Selecting an Antifoam/Defoamer

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Foam is created when gas is introduced and trapped within a solution that contains surfactants. It can consist of large bubbles at the surface of the solution (macrofoam) or small bubbles distributed throughout the solution (microfoam). In either case, it can cause issues within the products and equipment in which it is formed, such as […]

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Foam Control Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

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Foam is produced when gas (e.g., air) is added and becomes stabilized within a liquid (often water) containing impurities and surface-active agents (surfactants). The molecules of surfactants form a film that traps gas bubbles, preventing them from dissipating as they would in a pure liquid. Whether the foam produced rises to the surface (macrofoam) or […]

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Why Should I Use Water-Based Defoamers?

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Defoamers play a critical role in ensuring foam does not affect the quality of products and processes during industrial applications. They are available in many variations to suit different operations, including oil-based, surfactant-based, and water-based. Below, we focus on water-based defoamers, outlining what they are and what benefits they offer. What Are Water-Based Defoamers? As […]


Don’t Passover Our Antifoams

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Many types of foods and ingredients foam during the production process. If foaming is permitted, it can alter the product’s appearance, manufacturing time, quality or performance. Food-grade antifoams and defoamers are used to prevent, control, remove or mitigate foam to ensure high-quality, consistent production. Not only do these antifoams have to meet food safety regulations […]

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Hydrophobic Treated Silica

Benefits of Hydrophobic Silica

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Hydrophobic silicas are a unique class of materials with a wide variety of functional attributes and beneficial properties making it ideal for numerous applications ranging from adhesives, greases, and sealants to personal care and processing aid products. At Applied Material Solutions, we offer high-quality fumed and precipitated hydrophobic silicas to provide superior performance for your […]


What to Look for in a Foam Control Supplier

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Antifoams and defoamers are vital for the safe, efficient operation of processes in a multitude of industries. Finding an experienced foam control supplier can save a great deal of hassle, as they are able to provide expert solutions catered to the unique needs of your project. Here are a few of the key factors to […]

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How Do Antifoaming Agents Work

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For most fluid systems, foam control is a challenge to overcome. Pure liquids do not foam. In an aqueous system, contaminants such as surfactants, proteins, small solid particulates will form a stable foam in water. Foam will significantly reduce system efficiency where foam or entrained air is undesirable. To prevent foam problems and keep the […]

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